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Track every area of your game with more than 250 stats per round
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How it Works


Record every shot in your round by answering 2 simple questions; where was the shot HIT FROM, and what was the RESULT.


No more messy scorecards and spreadsheets. All your shot data is saved to the GRGS cloud so you can view your rounds and stats from anywhere. You’ll never lose your data.


View over 250 stats per round in all areas of the game. Take a deeper look at your performance over time with powerful filtering options.


Connect with other golfers in the GRGS Clubhouse to view and analyze each others stats and compare side-by-side.


Built by a PGA Professional, the GRGS platform has been designed for golfers and instructors at every level. Used by amateurs and tour professionals from around the world, GRGS offers comprehensive statistics dynamically in a modern and easy-to-use interface that rivals any other stats program in the world.

Tour-level statistics for golfers of all levels

GRGS is a comprehensive platform for web and mobile designed with the elite player and instructor in mind.

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Stats available with GRGS

GRGS calculates more than 250 statistics per round, without YOU having to keep track of them during your round. The simple round entry only requires you to record where each shot is hit from, and the result. For premium stats marked with (*) you will need to record the Club and Distance for each shot.

Scoring Average
Average Par
Average Score to Par
Total Number of Rounds Below Par
Total Number of Rounds Even Par
Total Number of Rounds Over Par

Par 3 Performance
Par 3 Average
Par 4 Performance
Par 4 Average
Par 5 Performance
Par 5 Average

Total Number of Eagles or Better
Total Number of Birdies
Total Number of Pars
Total Number of Bogeys
Total Number of Double Bogeys or Worse

Most Birdies (or better) in a Round
Least Bogeys (or worse) in a Round
Avg. Birdies (or better) per Round
Eagles (Holes Per)
Lowest Score
Highest Score

All Driving
Fairway Attempts
Fairway Accuracy
Fairway Miss Left
Fairway Miss Right

Driving by Club
* Fairway Accuracy
* Fairway Accuracy
* Fairway Miss Left
* Fairway Miss Right

Total Shots to Green
Hit Green
Miss Left
Miss Right
Miss Short
Miss Long
Miss Short Left
Miss Short Right
Miss Long Left
Miss Long Right

Greens in Regulation
Total Number of Holes
Total GIR
GIR per round
GIR Percentage
Birdies per GIR
Par 3 GIR
Par 4 GIR
Par 5 GIR
GIR from Fairway
GIR from Other than Fairway
* Approach Proximity to Hole

Shots to Green Accuracy
* Proximity to the Hole (Yards)
* Proximity to the Hole (Metres)
* Green Hit Percentage (Yards)
* Green Hit Percentage (Metres)

Shots to Green by Club:
* Hit Green
* Miss Left
* Miss Right
* Miss Short
* Miss Long
* Miss Short Left
* Miss Short Right
* Miss Long Left
* Miss Long Right

# of Pars or better when missed GIR
Total Missed GIR
Scrambling Percentage

Up and Downs:
# of Up and Downs
Total Attempts
Up and Down Percentage

Sand Saves
# of Sand Saves
Total Attempts
Sand Save Percentage

Short Game Performance from: (% saves from)
Greenside Fairway
Greenside Rough
Greenside Bunker
All Shots Around the Green

Proximity to Hole from:
Greenside Fairway
Greenside Rough
Greenside Bunker
All Shots Around the Green

Total Number of Putts
Average Putts per Round
Putting AveragePutting Average
Number of 1-Putts
Number of 3-Putts
1-Putt Percentage
3-Putt Percentage
Putts per Hole
Putts per GIR
Putts per Missed GIR
Birdies per GIR

Putting by Distance
* 2-Putt or Better from inside 30 feet
* 2-Putt or Better from 30+ feet
* Average Total Length of Putts Holed Per Round
* Average Par Putt Length per Missed GIR
* Longest Putt Holed
* Putts Holed by distance
* 3-Putts by distance

Consecutive Fairways
Consecutive GIR
Consecutive Sand Saves
Consecutive Holes Below Par
Consecutive Holes Par or Better
Consecutive Rounds Below Par
Consecutive Holes Without 3-Putt

* Denotes Premium statistics only available for members subscribed to a Gold or Platinum membership.

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